Forgotten Battles

Hitler stunned the world by starting the Second World War. Europe was not prepared. Establishing his needed supply route to his North African Campaign, Hitler ordered Italy’s Il Benito Mussolini to attack Malta, a little island country in the Mediterranean Sea. Enter Faith, Hope, and Charity.

New Golf Era

One of the greatest golfers, Ben Hogan, once proclaimed, “The major culprit in a bad golf shot is the backswing.” Though the golfing world knows the backswing is a big problem, everyone still uses it. If a baseball hitter used a backswing, the player would never get a hit. It is now time for golf to eliminate the backswing! Plus, it makes the other culprit, the under ninety-yard pitch shot, so much easier and accurate.

Our Friend

The premise states the birth, life, and death of one human being are exactly the same as the birth, life, and death of the entire lifespan of our immense universe. Only time and dimension are variables. Here, each step of a human life is compared with each step of our universe’s life to explain this premise.

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